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If your washing machine is malfunctioning, it can be a big hassle. Get it repaired quickly from A & B Domestic Appliances. I'm Andy Matthews and I have over 30 years of working experience in repairing washing machines from all major brands. All my work is guaranteed offering you peace of mind.

Handy spare parts

Does your washing machine need a spare part? I will have you covered. I can quickly make the necessary replacements from my large inventory of spare parts. Services I cover:

Fitting and supply

Are you struggling to fit the replacement parts you brought online to your machine? I can visit you and do it no time. Contact me if you are in or around Swindon.  You can also find new and used washing machines and tumble dryers at competitive prices at A & B Domestic Appliances. Whether you need an appliance repair or a part replacement, you can call me for a free quote.

Efficient appliance repair in Swindon

•  Tumble dryer part supply

•  Tumble dryer repairs

•  Tumble dryer supply

•  Washing machines repairs

•  Washing machine supply